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· 4 min read
Roy Firestein

Ready to see the future? Let's dive into the art of predicting your sales numbers with a dash of Python wizardry. In this guide, we'll harness the power of time series forecasting to unveil the secrets of your future sales revenue. Armed with pandas for data mastery and statsmodels for crafting our crystal ball (aka forecasting model), we're setting you up to forecast like a pro.

· 13 min read
Roy Firestein

At Autohost, we care about making data-driven decisions. I know many companies say this, but we mean it. We have a lot of data, and we want to use it to make better decisions. One of the issues is related to understanding the differences between signed contracts and billed invoices, and how to predict revenue. We can't tell if we are on track to hit our revenue goals, because we don't know how much revenue we will get from our existing customers as product usage changes.